Comb-Boxwood Hand Painted 10-16

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Product Size: 4.7" x 1.5" x 0.3"

Material: Boxwood

Craft Technology: Hand Painted

This hand-painted comb is made of boxwood. This type of wood contains an element (CH18N21NO3), which is shown to inhibit fungal growing and can help control itching of the head and dandruff. This product successfully combines a practical function with strong ornamental value. They are printed with diverse colored drawings of flowers, grass and insects, and fish in a variety of different styles which makes them appropriate for diverse gifting purposes.

1. Please do not expose the products to direct sunlight for long periods of time.
2. Please do not expose the product to extreme moisture or dry environments.
3. Please do not soak the product in water for long periods.
4. Please do not place the product close to fires.
5. Please do not put the product on a damp and light-colored surface.
6. Do not use wet material to wipe our products. The best way to clean the product is with a dry cloth to wipe it. You may add a light wax or organic oil.
7. Wiping the product dry with a cotton cloth can remove any stains and be used to polish the product.
8. Horn products, if maintained incorrectly, may distort. If this happens, use a blow dryer to dry the product, then place a heavy item on it until it has regained its original shape.
  • Model: PATSHY/10-16

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